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Micro bit V2 Edge Connector Board for Micro:bit

The edge connector extends the microbit by making all the IO ports on micro:bit available. This allows you to add 3V modules like LED light, photocell, and buttons. The yellow row of pins are connected to the microbit and can be used as inputs or outputs. There are also rows of pins for 3v, 5v and ground.  The edge connector replaces the need for a breadboard in most projects. 

For the 5v pins to work, the micro:bit or edge connecter must be plugged into USB power or you can add a 4 x AA battery pack through the JSP connector on the Edge Connector. 


Micro bit V2 Edge Connector Board for Micro:bit

  • Feature

    1. Power indicator
    Powered on the Microbit, the indicator light will be red, no power it won't light up.
    2. P0 buzzer jump cap
    The jumper cap IObit is plugged in by default. In the Makecode, you can use the music column to program, and make a sound. Usually, there is no sound when you power on.
    3. 3Pin IO port leads
    All the pins in the Microbit have been taken out without any reservation (PS: there is no P17 and P18 on the Microbit, not the IObit is not taken out)
    4. 40P Microbit Horizontal Socket
    Compact size socket
    5. Board mounting holes and fixing holes
    The outermost two holes are approximately 4.8 mm in diameter and are compatible with Lego friction pins with a spacing of 48 mm.
    The innermost two holes are about 3.1mm in diameter and can be tightened with ordinary M3 screws. The spacing is about 32mm.
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