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The micro:bit for all program matches schools with donors.  Want to get micro:bit kits for your school's fifth graders?  Register below.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Kits are provided once we have identified a sponsor. (Amazon is already sponsoring title one schools in Arlington and Alexandria Va.)

  2. The school agrees to recognize the sponsor in school and PTA newsletters.

  3. Kits will be used in the school during the current school year for any group of students.  Boolean Girl places no limit on how the kits are used in school.

  4.  At the end of the unit or the end of the school year, 5th graders (or alternative grade levels) get to take the kits home to continue to code, build, and invent with them.  Each kit will contain the original insert that provides resources for students to use at home.

Register Your School

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