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micro:bit Base Kit V2

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The micro:bit kit is a physical computing kit that provides a bridge between abstract concepts and tangible experiences. This kit is tailor-designed by Boolean Girl and the Virginia Tech Thinkabit Labs to give you hands-on experience and make a connection between abstract ideas of coding and real world outcomes in hardware. You can program in Scratch, Microsoft MakeCode, Python, Javascript and other programming languages.  The motor, LEDs, and buttons are all designed to snap on to Legos. It is great for digital making as well as craft and e-textile projects. 


Using the kit you work with hardware and software together to design, build, and prototype physical gadgets. The micro:bit by itself is packed with inputs and sensors so you can immediately have success programming it and use the inputs and sensors to create inventions that light up and make sound. For beginners, the MakeCode graphical editor is excellent, free and runs in a web browser. 


While the kit is fantastic for young learners, there’s a path to move forward using the general purpose pins to attach other devices in the kit like motors and lights and make use of the Bluetooth and radio features. You can enhance their coding skills by coding in Scratch, MakeCode, MicroPython, ArudinoIDE, Javascript to name a few. Since many of these are web based, it does not require additional drivers and can be used with almost any web enabled device.


Using the micro:bit Base Kit, you will gain skills in critical thinking and collaboration, creativity and build confidence. This microbit Base Kit includes a microbit and the accessories to get started on simple projects as well as accessories to extend the microbit and add motors, external lights and buttons to build dozens of projects. 


You have the option of a USB to micro USB cable or a USB-C to micro USB cable.  We are seeing more laptops with out a USB port but have a USB-C port instead. Pick the cable that best fits your computer. 


The Base Kit includes the micro:bit microcontroller and the Edge connector. Both componets are needed for the Sensor and Motion kits.  These components are not included in the Sensor or Motion Kit. 

micro:bit Base Kit V2

SKU: BG-002
  • BBC Micro Bit V2

    • Nordic nRF52833 processor
    • Expansion edge connector with 5 crocodile-clip pins
    • USB or battery powered
    • Built-in speaker and microphone
    • 25 Built in LEDs,
    • 2 Built in buttons
    • Built in motion sensor
    • Built in light sensor
    • Built in temperature sensor
    • Built in compass
    • Built in radio and Bluetooth wireless

    Additional Components

    • Microbit Edge connector to connect external devices to the microbit 
    • Micro USB-USB Cable
    • Battery Holder that powers the Microbit on the go 
    • Breadboard for building circuits
    • Wires, lights, buttons and resistors for building circuits
    • Positional Servo motor that is compatible with common building blocks
  • This kit was designed by engineers that use the microbit in camps and classes everyday.  We found a few issues with most kits;

    1) the USB cable is short and this makes it hard to work with the micro:bit when it is connected to the computer.  Included is a 50 cm cable almost 2x longer than the standard 28cm cable.

    2) The battery packs have on/off switches so you can easily turn off the power without unplugging the battery pack.  The JST connector is not alwasy so easy to unplug. We found that many kids break the charger trying to unplug the JST connector.

    3) The 4 AA battery pack is unique and designed to plug into the edge connector. While the standard 2 AA battery pack is great for powering the micro:bit once you add motors or other sensors that need 3.3v or 5v you need more power.  USB is a great option but it does not work for mobile projects like robots.

    4) The electrical components can be easily connected to the micro:bit with the aligator clips, the conductive tape and the can be used with lego compatiable blocks or on their own. 

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