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Lego Motor Add On

If your project needs a more powerful motor, the answer might be the Lego M motor. This kit includes 2 Lego M motors, a Lego battery pack and all the componets need to connect a lego motor to an arduino, a Raspberry Pi or a micro:bit. 

The how to for this kit using a microbit is here.

For a Raspberry Pi go here.

Lego Motor Add On

  • 2 - Lego M motors

    1 - Lego Battery Pack. 9 volts. Requires 6 AA (1,5V) batteries, not included

    4 - Lego breadboard connectors

    1 - 400 Pin Solderless Breadboard (Medium)

    1 - 170 Pin Solderless Breadboard (Small)

    2 - L2936 motor controller Integrated circuits

    10 - M-F Jumper wires

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