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micro:bit Sensor Kit

Ready for new challenges? The micro:bit Sensor Kit extends the the micro:bit Base Kit providing an array of devices that increase the types of interactions you can have with the micro:bit.  Using the kit, you work with hardware and software together to enhance existing projects and design, build, and prototype new physical gadgets. The

Sensor Kit adds continuous rotation motors so things can spin all the way around.  It also has devices that sense distance, make noises, and sense light. The joystick extends the fun and can be used to control the motors. 


Enhance their coding skills by coding in Scratch, MakeCode, MicroPython, ArudinoIDE, Javascript to name a few. Since many of these are web based, it does not require additional drivers and can be used with almost any web enabled device.


Using the micro:bit kits, you will gain skills in critical thinking and collaboration, creativity and build confidence. This mirco:bit based kit does not include a micro:bit but includes these devices to extend your Base Kit and build dozens of projects. 


Note: The Sensor Kit does not include a micro:bit an edge connector or a breadboard. These components are all included in the Base Kit.

micro:bit Sensor Kit

  • This kit contains:

    • Two red lazers
    • Active and passive buzzers
    • Two LED light sensors
    • Two continuous rotation  Servo motors that are compatible with common building blocks
    • Ultrasonic distance sensor, with a range of 2 to 400 cm
    • Joystick
    • Five transistors
    • Two potentiometers
    • Tilt Switch
    • Extra LED lights and resistors for building circuits
    • Socket – Socket wires allowing you to extend circuits

    This kit is shipped in a bag and designed to be added to the Base Kit case so all the parts can be kept in one place.

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