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micro:bit Motion Kit

Explore mechanical engineering, coding and circuits. Use legos to prototype engineering solutions that MOVE? Build your own robots. Add headlights, use the range sensor from the sensor kit to add collision avoidance. Use a second micro:bit (sold separately) to control it using the radio feature. Use gears to adjust speed and torque while gaining an understanding or gears and gear ratios.  Code the control functions in MakeCode, Python or JavaScript.  

In schools, add data collection to analyze performance. Use the data to study the scientific process.  


This kit includes two powerful Logo motors to really make your robot move. It also includes tons of lego compatiable blocks to build 100's of projects. 


Note: The Motion Kit does not include a micro:bit, an edge connector or a breadboard. These components are all included in the Base Kit.


Like all of our kits the curriculum is always FREE!


To place orders for 20+ micro:bit kits, please email us at 

micro:bit Motion Kit

  • This kit contains:

    • Two Lego L motors
    • One Lego battery pack 
    • Three custom lego connectors
    • L293D motor controller chip
    • Mini Breadboard
    • 3 bags of lego parts for protoyping 100's of gadgets
    • 2 large lego wheels
    • 2 small lego wheels 
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